Indian Valley Riding & Roping Club

Est. 1949 ~ Taylorsville, CA


The Indian Valley Riding and Roping Club holds monthly meetings from March thru November, typically on the first Wednesday of the month.  New members are always welcome and encouraged.

Membership Application Form

Guest Waiver Form
The IVRRC is proud to offer an annual scholarship to current or past members.
Scholarship Application
Application Deadline is May 1st.
2020 IVRRC Officers
President:  Misty Banchio
Vice President:  Josh Miille
Secretary:  Jennifer VanAcker
Treasurer:  Veronica Tilton
Sr. Director:  Megan Neer
Director:  Lisa Smith
Director:  Jenay Cogle
Director:  Heidi Kingdon
Director:  Adrienne Patterson

Webmaster:  Veronica Tilton

For further information regarding IVRRC membership contact Misty Banchio at 530-284-1472 or e-mail.
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